There's a new bakery in downtown St. Albans, but the business already has a very loyal following.

For the past six years, Lil' Bit of Heaven Cupcakes has been selling its gourmet treats. The company's owners have taken a bold step by moving the business from a licensed and inspected kitchen in their own home to a retail location at Olde Main Plaza.

It certainly didn't take very long for customers to find the brand new store. In just four hours, 50 dozen cupcakes and 18 four-inch specialty cheesecakes went out the door. The shop's first day of business was a complete sellout.

"It's crazy," Teri Blevins, Lil' Bit of Heaven Cupcakes owner said. "We had people, like, lined up down the stairs this morning before we even opened."

Since 2010, Blevins and her husband Dan have made and sold more than a half-million cupcakes out of their home kitchen. However, they kept looking for an opportunity to expand into a storefront to grow their business and serve more customers.

"When the opportunity presented itself and we found this beautiful building," Blevins said. "And our neighbors Glen and Meg Holstein were kind enough to say we believe in you, we love you and we want to help you achieve this dream, we realized that it was time to take that next step."

Blevins says the new bakery is much more than just a family venture. She says she's hopeful that the cupcake shop will help revitalize Olde Main Plaza and bring more shoppers to downtown St. Albans.

"I love my town," Blevins said. "Dan has taken St. Albans as his home, We're in a 100-year old historic building on Main Street. And we want to be a part of the revitalization that the town and city council and some really loyal citizens are trying really hard to do and we're proud to be a part of that."

Lil' Bit of Heaven Cupcakes is located at 95 Olde Main Plaza in St. Albans.

Store hours are:
Tuesday through Friday 11:00 a,m. to 7:00 p.m or until sold out
Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. or until sold out

For orders and more information call 304-729-8038. You can also visit them on the web at